How to Change Your WordPress Author Page Link

Hide Your WordPress UsernameDon’t give away half the combination to login to your WordPress site. How to hide your username from the public.

Your WordPress author page is automagically generated by WordPress and shows your list of posts you’ve published. (That sounds great, but read on…)

The author page link looks something like this:

Here’s our examples:

Those are the real links to our author pages here at However, they are NOT our real usernames. We’ve secured them.

Security Risk

By default, WordPress will use your username at the end of your author link, which can pose as a security risk. Fortunately, if you use some symbols in your username, WordPress will auto strip those out, but what if you don’t have symbols in your username? You’re giving away half the combination to login to your WordPress site.

Important! Even if you’re theme does not link to your author page, your author page still exists. It will even show up on themes using a sitemap template and your 404 page. And there is no way to change your author link or your username in your WordPress profile. Your profile “Nickname” or “Display name publicly as” will not change your username displaying in your Author link.

A technique that malicious hackers use to find your username is by checking what username belongs to a User ID, example:,, etc. Give it a try on your own site and see if your username (your login name) shows up in the author page it redirects you too.


You can hide your username from the public, while still keeping your author page intact.

Here is how to change your author name…

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