Just Because You Paid for that WordPress Plugin Doesn’t Mean it’s Safe – or Even Useful!

Paid WordPress PluginsWordPress plugins. Love them or hate them (when they break your site), they’re a necessary part of every WordPress website.

But I’m seeing a dangerous trend in the plugin world – the paid plugin.

Now, there are a few plugins that I gladly pay for. Backup Buddy, for example, can’t be beat for making automatic backups and for moving sites. Locker by Code Garage is the best at ferreting out malware and even stores entire site backups off-site on their secure server. And don’t forget the plugins that handle high-level things like memberships, forums, and video streaming.

Paid WordPress Plugins as Marketing Tools

Here’s where I see a problem, though. It seems the Internet marketing crowd has figured out that making a plugin for WordPress is a great way to advertise. As a plugin creator, you have the option to put ads directly into the WordPress dashboard of everyone who uses your plugin. You can ask for donations, upsell a related product, or advertise an affiliate link.

And if you charge for that plugin, you get to turn it into a revenue stream.

So what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all, if you’re a plugin developer who supports and maintains his or her projects. But that’s not always the case.You must be logged in to see this content. Please login or become a SafeWP Member.

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