Setting & Configuration

In this final video in the WordPress Basics series, we’ll discuss how to configure your WordPress settings to optimize and get the most out of your site. The Settings sub-panel contains all of the settings that determine how your site behaves, how you interact with your site, and how the rest of the world interacts […]

Useful Tools

  This video demonstrates some of the tools that WordPress provides to manage your site, including importing and exporting your entire site. WordPress tools covered in this video: Quick publishing via the Press This bookmarklet. The Category/Tag conversion tool. How to import posts and comments from other blog services. How to easily backup or export […]

Adding New Users

  This video demonstrates how to add new users to your WordPress site, and assign permissions based on roles. The Users sub-panel enables you to set up new user accounts, as well as change user information, or delete users. Covered in this video: Adding new users to WordPress in the Users > Add New sub-panel. […]

Installing Plugins

  This video demonstrates how to find, install, and configure third-party plugins to add new functions and features to your WordPress site. Plugins allow you to add new features to your WordPress blog that don’t come standard with the default installation. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, and with the Plugins sub-panel, finding, […]

Custom Menus

  In this video, you’ll learn how to build custom menus in WordPress for navigating your site, including drop-down menu items. In the Menus sub-panel, you can create one or more custom menus, for use in your site’s primary navigation menu, or other areas in our site. Custom menus may contain links to individual pages, […]

Adding Widgets

  In this video, we’ll learn what Widgets are, and how they can be used to easily add blocks of content to your site’s sidebar or footer. Widgets are actually snippets of code that allow you to display blocks of customized information in your theme’s sidebar or footer. Adding widgets is easy, and they can […]

Changing Your Theme

  From time to time, you might like to update the look and feel of your WordPress site. This video demonstrates how to change the look of your site by customizing the default theme or installing a new theme. From the Appearance sub-panel, you can change the entire look and feel of your site by […]

Creating Links

If you never link to related content, your site will be a dead end. You may want to link to related sites elsewhere on the web, or to other pages on your own site to provide additional information for your readers. Or you may want to use an image as a link. Most often, you’ll […]

Managing Comments

  This 5-minute video provides a brief introduction to the WordPress content management system and demonstrates why it is the most popular web publishing platform today. This video covers the best practices for managing comments in WordPress, including tips and best practices to encourage interactive discussion with your visitors. Comments are an important feature, because […]

Using The Media Library

  This video demonstrates how to use the Media Library to upload files (like images, PDFs, or Word documents) for use in future posts or pages. The Media Library sub-panel allows you edit, delete or view media previously uploaded to your blog. Multiple media objects can be bulk-edited or deleted, and you can search or […]

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