Uninstall Fantastico for Security: 10-16-2012 Webinar Replay

The dreaded “one-click” installation method (like Fantasico) leaves an easily discoverable footprint that allows hackers to find your WordPress site. Learn how to remove the files to avoid disaster.

Installing WordPress Securely: 10-09-2012 Webinar Replay

You should avoid WordPress auto-installers at all costs. Learn how to install WordPress the secure way in about 5 minutes, with special guest expert, Michael Schultz

WordPress User Roles: 09-18-2012 Webinar Replay

Our topic is understanding WordPress user roles and the safe way to assign them. Watch the replay below.

Repair a Broken WordPress Blog: 09-11-2012 Webinar Replay

How to recover if you accidentally break your WordPress site by installing a bad plugin or theme.

WordPress Plugin Security Audit: 09-04-2012 Webinar Replay

How to conduct a security plugin audit on your WordPress site to help keep it safe from hackers.

Uninstall a Plugin Correctly: 08-28-2012 Webinar Replay

How to completely remove a WordPress plugin. Did you know that simply deactivating and deleting a plugin from within the dashboard can allow your plugin to leave behind vulnerable database entries? Watch as Regina shows us how to remove a plugin and all it’s various bits and pieces safely.

Beware of Free WordPress Themes: 08-21-2012 Webinar Replay

WordPress themes, and what to watch for when choosing a free theme. There’s some bad guys out there distributing themes, so you have to be careful.

WordPress Security Tips with Michael Schultz: 08-14-2012 Webinar Replay

Michael Schultz, security technician with WP Security Lock, joined us and shared his advice for keeping your WordPress website safe from hackers.

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