Securing Your Computer: 10-24-2014 Webinar Replay

In addition to securing your website, it’s essential to secure your home networks and computers.

LastPass, iThemes Breach, Filezilla , & Q&A for Members: 09-24-2014 Webinar Replay

Review of the latest security concerns including LastPass, iThemes security followed by member Q&A.

WordPress Security & Vulnerabilities 09-17-2014 Replay

Discussing latest WordPress Security & iThemes updates, brute force scanning & strong passwords, recent hacking at WordFence & other plugin vulnerabilities.

Latest Security Topics, & Q&A for Members: 09-10-2014 Webinar Replay

Discussing the latest iThemes Security updates, the GMAIL hack followed by member Q&A

NAMS Recap, WordPress 3.9.2 & Q&A for Members: 08-06-2014 Webinar Replay

Recap from NAMS 12, WordPress 3.9.2 and member Q&A.

JSON Rest API, WordFence & Q&A for Members: 07-30-2014 Webinar Replay

Discussing JSON Rest API, WordFence and member Q&A

Gravity Forms Benefits & Q&A for Members: 05-28-2014 Webinar Replay

Benefits of Gravity Forms, latest Internet Security vulnerabilities, and questions and answers for Members.

Site Hacked with Porn on Mobile Devices: 05-21-2014 Webinar Replay

Did you know that malicious hackers are redirect sites to porn on mobile devices, but looks normal on computers? Plus iPhone & iPad vulnerabilities. Find out more…

Avoid Wordfence & iThemes Security Conflicts: 05-14-2014 Webinar Replay

How to setup the Wordfence Security plugin so it doesn’t conflict with the iThemes Security plugin (formerly Better WP Security) and other security news.

Security Topics & Plugin Security: 05-07-2014 Webinar Replay

How to start a WordPress plugin security audit and the latest security news and what to do about it, including Dropbox, Adobe Flash, Internet Explorer, and Apple Mobile devices.

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