Wordfence and BackupBuddy False Positive on malicious executable code

What to do if you get a Wordfence Scan warning using the BackupBuddy plugin that says, The file may contain malicious executable code.

How to Change Your WordPress Author Page Link

Don’t give away half the combination to login to your Wordpress site. How to hide your username from the public.

Latest WordPress Update: 3.5.1

WordPress has been updated yet again to version 3.5.1. If you are running any older version you are urged to update as quickly as possible as this version contains at least three security fixes. From WordPress.org: WordPress 3.5.1 also addresses the following security issues: A server-side request forgery¬†vulnerability¬†and remote port scanning using pingbacks. This vulnerability, […]

Is your phpMyAdmin version outdated and vulnerable?

How to find out if your hosting account has a vulnerable version of phpMyAdmin that leaves your site at risk for attack for best WordPress security. Have you checked to see if your hosting company is doing their job or are they leaving your WordPress site vulnerable?

Just Because You Paid for that WordPress Plugin Doesn’t Mean it’s Safe – or Even Useful!

WordPress plugins. Love them or hate them (when they break your site), they’re a necessary part of every WordPress website. But I’m seeing a dangerous trend in the plugin world – the paid plugin. Now, there are a few plugins that I gladly pay for. Backup Buddy, for example, can’t be beat for making automatic […]

WordPress Security Updates: WordPress 3.4.2 Released 9-6-2012

WordPress 3.4.2 was released September 6 to address several security issues present in prior versions. Security fixes include fixing a possible user privileged escalation problem caused by the Atom publishing protocol.

Making Good Web Hosting Choices

Shared hosting is the choice for most website owners. The promise of unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage is too much to resist. Find out why this model is the worst you can choose, and what to do instead.

What You Need to Know About the Timthumb Script Vulnerability

It’s hard to believe that a year later there are still themes and plugins out there that contain outdated and dangerous versions of this script. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

How to Change Your WordPress User Name

Got a bad WordPress user name and don’t know how to change it? Don’t worry – it’s easy with a little database tweaking. Check out this quick video for all the details.

Why Free Themes Aren’t Always a Bargain

Love to play with themes? We do, too. But those free themes can leave your site open to attack, wallowing in the depths of Google’s page 112, or fighting for control of your website. Find out how to protect yourself…

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